LaPetitePelle signs – No. 375

News in LaPetitePelle records – No. 375 It’s Sunday and your weekly meeting with LaPetitePelle is back! Every week our illustrator draws the video game news for you. And today the man who draws is interested in the Xbox Series X / S and especially in his controller. In these new Sunday boards signed LaPetitePelle, the latter comes back with humor on the latest Microsoft console that still uses AA batteries in its controllers, while its competitors come with rechargeable batteries. The Xbox One Play & Charge kits are compatible with the Xbox series S / X controllers. However, if you don’t want to invest in these, whenever one of your non-rechargeable batteries nears the end of its life, your console will have broken little heart, and the little battery will unfortunately join its sisters piled in a trash. From Tanabata, writing from MP