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Hailing from the 16-bit era and the 90s, Kaze and the Wild Masks is a 2D platformer in which we play Kaze, a rabbit trying to lift the curse, the Crystal Islands and her friend Hogo, the prisoner of an artifact. Controller in hand, the title of Pixel Hive is very reminiscent of a certain Donkey Kong Country. But is it enough to make an impression? Recommended Configurations Despite the years, there is still a team – often independent – returning to the 2D platformer genre with iconic games like Donkey Kong Country, the heyday of which dates back to the 80s and 90s. After a few minutes in the company of Kaze and the wild masks, we quickly feel the influence of the title of Rare on that of Pixel Hive, especially in terms of gameplay. The player-controlled rabbit can jump, of course, but most importantly, jump in a nice pirouette on the heads of the enemies (if they are not protected by spikes) and even throw the pots that sometimes lie on the ground, which reminds the barrels swung from the mascot of Nintendo. The timing of the animations is also very similar to the sounds of the cool soundtrack. The icing on the cake, during a level you can collect the four letters of the word Kaze, just like at the time for “Kong”. Without forgetting the transformations made possible by the wild masks that reflect the different animals of the one you know. In short, we feel the (big) wink and the recipe still works well.

Good arguments

The most important thing remains: does the Pixel Hive platformer manage to develop its own identity outside of all these inspirations? The answer oscillates between the good and the bad in that Kaze and the Wild Masks have a small universe, but their strengths are too classic to really tell apart. Which doesn’t make it a bad title though. With its pixel art and the very nice gaming sensations, the seven to eight hours of the adventure follow each other comfortably, despite some level design errors, which can lead to frustration, especially in the most advanced level of difficulty. The latter limits the control points and healing items per level, as well as the hits Kaze can receive before death, and is reduced to two versus three here in the simple mode. The challenge is waiting for you, and those who want a more peaceful experience will find their way there too. Kaze and the Wild Masks – The First 10 Minutes of the Adventure Another good point is the variety the title offers. During the forty levels, Kaze and the Wild Masks very rarely rest on their laurels, constantly introducing a new obstacle, new monsters, a different level design, and even bosses. Pixel Hive sometimes recycles a little and ends up mixing several ingredients that have already been presented, but never something too obvious. Especially since the team – as mentioned above – also provides four transformations: the eagle, the shark, the tiger and a large reptile. Everyone has their own gameplay. The first flies away by tapping the jump button and sends projectiles; the second swim and run underwater; the third climbs over the walls with large reinforcements of the jumps and can also race, this time in the air; As for the last one, it can do a double jump and dive to the bottom very quickly. But run forward without stopping like a runner. Bonus galore: As long as we talk about diversity, you know that all the levels of Kaze and the wild masks on the edge of the letters to be collected hide two bonus zones with small challenges to master (often collecting several gems or enemies in a limited Defeat time). If you emerge victorious, you will receive an item that will ultimately open up a secret level in each of the four areas. A much more difficult level than the others.

On the fence

The major reptilian phases are also part of the few moments of frustration (especially in difficult mode) that we encountered. Kaze then rushes forward and it is complicated to instinctively react to any enemy or obstacle that wishes your death. It will therefore be necessary to start over and over again. Some passages even seem shaky at times when it comes to the timing and position of the platforms. These are the few bad moments that spoil the pleasant taste of Kaze and the wild masks. A good platform game, but not really memorable. Ratings + positive points A decent pixel art Good platform sensations Diversity as a keyword Lots of hidden areas – Negative points Too classic A few frustrating moments With Kaze and the wild masks, the Pixel Hive Studio plays the security card: The title is solid and colorful platformer, very inspired by the big names in the genre of the 90s. We therefore combine the seven to eight hours of the adventure in a pleasant way with different phases (thanks in particular to the Wild Masks, with which you can transform yourself into different creatures). lots of bonuses and even a couple of bosses. But beyond those good points, there are also some frustrating moments that don’t help the title stand out from the crowd, at least in our minds. A game that still appeals to those who love the platform. Just don’t expect to get knocked out. Journaliste jeuxvideo.com March 21, 2021 at 12:11:00 Readers’ opinions Give your opinion on this game!