Fortnite Season 6: Investigate the Anomaly Detected in Weeping Woods (Mission Agent Jones)

News tip Fortnite Season 6: Investigate the anomaly found in Weeping Woods (Agent Jones mission). That will soon bring us to the end of the objectives Agent Jones set to help him tackle the anomalies that occurred on the island. For this last stage you have to go on the side of the great Weeping Woods.

Anomaly found in Weeping Woods: A little prep before you get started

This last anomaly from Fortnite is at the very top of the summit, which is in the western part of the Weeping Woods forest. To achieve it, you must have previously made some reserves of material to be able to climb on it with constructions. But height won’t be your only enemy. In fact, you will also find a guard at this summit that you must beat in order to access the anomaly. Plus, wolves can join the party and make things a little more complicated.

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