Fortnite Season 6: Investigate Anomaly Discovered Near Catty Corner (Mission Agent Jones)

News Tip Fortnite Season 6: Investigate Anomaly Detected Near Catty Corner (Agent Jones Mission) With the arrival of Season 6 of Fortnite, Chapter 2, a red thread mission has popped up to help Agent Jones to fight against him the anomalies that multiply on the map. This time we have to go on the Catty Corner side.

Anomaly Discovered Near Catty Corner: Let’s Blow It All Up

To start this Fortnite mission you have to go to Catty Corner and then go east! There you will find a gigantic reinforced door that is behind a door and your goal will be to open it to solve this anomaly. Nothing very complicated for that, go outside, grab an explosive barrel nearby, put it in front of the armored door and shoot at it while at a good distance to avoid damage. Wait for the fire to stop and return to the door where you can fix the anomaly.

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