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What you need to know about astral chain

The game includes a police unit called “Neuron” whose job it is to fight against mysterious alien creatures that are on the verge of invading the world and the city of Ark. In response, mankind created a special weapon called the “Legion” to act as a partner and guide you through both your investigations and clashes. Epyon’s Opinion Note: 16/20 astral chain is not perfect. The platform phases are annoying and the few investigations that periodically interrupt the adventure are worth more for the moments of calm they create than for the challenge they pose to the player. But its rhythm, its progress and especially its mesmerizing combat phases, combined with a surprising wealth of gameplay, seduced us. So much so that we didn’t see the twenty hours we spent on it. The new title from PlatinumGames is both original and ambitious and should appeal to all fans, especially those who are impatiently waiting for Bayonetta 3. We invite you to consult the full review for more information on this title. Also read: By jameson30, journalist MP