Shotgun Farmers Trailer – Ride pigs and throw chickens at your enemies

Shotgun Farmers Trailer – Ride Pigs and Throw Chickens at Your Enemies Yes, ride pigs, swing chickens or even collect weapons: Shotgun Farmers has it all for you. This crazy FPS is a 10 player multiplayer game online or against AI controlled enemies. No reloading system for your weapons here: It’s the missed shots that push the new ones directly to the ground! To vary the joys, different game modes are available that will change the way you play. For example, it is possible to protect the scarecrow in the “King of the Barn” or hunt a chicken all over the map in the “Chicken Race”. You can also customize your farmer by unlocking a hundred cosmetic items (shovels, hats …) about the challenges to complete. Shotgun Farmers has been available on PC since March 2019 and on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series since March 19, 2021. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter