PS5: A NHS (UK) leader is hacked by scammers

PS5 Hardware News: NHS (UK) leader hacked by scammers. In the UK, residents also benefit from a public health service called the National Health Service. Unfortunately, one of the leaders was recently the victim of a PS5-related hack. In fact, the BBC and Eurogamer report that Helen Bevan, who has worked for the NHS for more than 25 years, hacked her Twitter accounts by scammers and renamed it “SupplyPS5” to promote the sale of counterfeit PS5s. The various accounts have more than 133,000 subscribers, a godsend for hackers. According to the BBC, Helen Bevan paid someone £ 110 to restore the accounts, but this was also a scam. In reality, the manager doesn’t seem to have set up two-factor authentication properly, making it easier for hackers to do. Twitter was able to get it all back in a matter of days, but Helen Bevan still reported that it contained a number of private messages asking for information suggesting that several people were victims of the fraud. She also tweeted admitting that she had made some bad decisions but wants to make her case an example so others can avoid such worries. If this story took place via the channel, it is not isolated and many accounts take advantage of the shortage to set up scams. If you are looking to purchase a PS5 or Xbox Series X, be extremely careful with these accounts. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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