Genshin Impact: The Trade Wind Invitation, All About the New Event (Guide for Day One)

Genshin Impact Tip News: The Trade Wind Invitation, All About the New Event (Guide for Day One) The new Genshin Impact update has just arrived, and after a few weeks of rest, a big event is showing the end of its nose. It will last 3 weeks and offer different activities. The invitation of the trade winds will therefore be the next event that comes into play on March 19th. Your Adventure Level must be at least 20 to participate. This event is full of rewards including Primo gems and a 4-star weapon to collect there. Let’s take a look at the steps planned for this event.

Ode to flowers and clouds

When you log into Genshin Impact, a new quest awaits you in your journal. This is very simple and consists of going to the Place de Mondstadt and speaking to the people indicated directly on your card. Completing the quest will give you access to the event mini-games which will give you tickets as rewards that can be redeemed for a variety of items in the Event Store.

At the Finish

Accept the quest directly on the events page and speak to Liz. You then have the opportunity to participate. The principle is simple: shoot the green balloons and the oranges that score even more. Also, shoot the balloons with a heart that will make the other balloons explode. On the other hand, avoid the heartbreaking balloons that take your points away. You have to go to the Camp du Guet in the far north to participate. In particular, kill the enemies around the tower and climb to the top when you start the event from the panel to get a 360 ° view of the action. Try to chain the balloons as fast as possible and heart explode the balloons when they are near other balloons to score as many points as possible. Ideally, try to get 2600 points for all of the rewards. In this case, a score of 1000 is enough to get all of the Temple Spiral Primo Gems in a moment

Flower fall

Accept the quest directly on the events page and speak to Liz. The principle of this game is to do a free fall and collect the flowers in the air. Green firefly flowers are worth 35 points, ambrosia corollas made from an orange padded chrysanthemum are worth 200 points, and the beautiful wreath of flowers at the finish line that floats near the ground is worth 400 points. Every second remaining at the end of the challenge is converted into points (10 points per second). You need to go to the Falcon Coast east of Moon City. To get 3000 points and thus all rewards, try to collect at least 3 Orange Ambrosia Corollas and land on the corolla at the finish line. You can also settle for 1000 points if you only care about First Gems.

Air of the wind

Accept the quest directly on the events page and speak to Liz. Here you are in a rhythm game in which the correct keys are pressed in rhythm, that is, when the circles are aligned with the size of the corresponding button. If you want to collect all the rewards, you have to complete the 3 difficulties present, at least 1000 points in normal case, 1200 in difficulty and 1800 in expert. Focus, keep up with the beat, and hit the pause when you need to refocus. The main difficulty is keeping an eye on the keys on the other side when a note starts while you’re busy on the other.

The secret garden

Accept the quest directly on the event page and speak to Braun. The secret garden is a dungeon that can be played alone or with others and offers you 3 floors with randomly selected experiments. At the end of each mini-game, you will receive a temporary upgrade that you can use to kill a boss at the end of the dungeon. At the end of this dungeon you will be given vouchers that you can redeem for various rewards: Here is the list of the different rooms that are waiting for you: the hanging platforms shake and disappear after a while. Jump off platforms that are about to disappear and survive until time is up. Note that you can cheat a little on this event using the main character’s ability in Geo on the side near the wall to stay on your platform and connect with another. Hold on from heaven. Collect the required number of bottle caps within the time limit. Please note: some special flower crowns change color as they fall. If you collect these illusory crown scrolls, you will lose points. The mechanism in the middle of this dungeon is triggered continuously. Avoid projectiles from surviving until time runs out. You lose smoothness every time a projectile hits you. Projectiles can change during the challenge. Again, the main character in Geo with his ability to spawn a block is very useful. Hop on the last one, then do another in front of you if you can, and jump from one to the other. Avoid bubbles along the way and reach the destination within the allotted time. When a bubble hits you, it catches you for a moment and causes you to lose your cool and the platforms you walk through briefly light up before the challenge begins. The other platforms create traps that will trap you if you step on them before they collapse. Make a note of the path that you need to follow in order to reach the goal within the allotted time