Genshin Impact on how to collect Prime Gems in the “Welcome to Restaurant Wanmin” web event

News Tip Genshin Impact, How To Get Primo Gems In The Welcome To Restaurant Wanmin Web Event With Genshin Impact, strange as it may seem, not everything happens in the game. For example, the “Welcome” event at Restaurant Wanmin, “a web event that allows you to earn goodies in-game. Xiangling is overwhelmed! Her restaurant is doing well and she could help cook. And then you kick a. Your main motivation is to help a friend in need … or to collect Primo Gems for your summoning. We are not judging. Just click this link, either on your PC or on your phone, to go to the game page The principle of this mini-game is simple. You first have to connect to your MiHoYo account and then choose your server (i.e. Europa a priori). Then choose your character that should normally appear, then you are in front of Xiangling’s restaurant. You have to choose one of the 4 menus and prepare the 6 dishes in order to collect 50 Primo gems, moras and items for the level. Improve your armor and weapons. You can put together one menu per day and create up to 3 menus as you complete the daily missions. A menu can therefore last 2 days. To cook meals, it is very similar to cooking in the game. You have to press when the cursor is in the area to succeed in the latter and get it in your in-game mailbox. Daily missions will give you 2 more tries and they will ask you to share the events page on a social network and go to the Facebook page. Note that all you have to do is click the Share button to post. Just close the Twitter / FB window and the mission will be marked as successful. Remember to cook your 3 dishes each day to end up collecting nearly 200 Primo gems. Also Read: Genshin Impact: Our Complete Guide By Tridash, Jeuxvideo Editorial Staff .com MP