Gameplay Marvel’s Avengers: We’re going on a tour of the new DLC in 4K

Gameplay Marvel’s Avengers: We’re taking a tour of the new DLC in 4K.After a first DLC that blew hot and cold, Marvel’s Avengers is offering the second part of the content in parallel with the release of the PS5 / Xbox Series X, this time focusing on Clint Barton in other words Hawkeye. Some atmospheres seem to be from Tomb Raider. First of all, we regret that two characters in a row have almost identical gameplay. While that choice depends on the story told from the comics and with Kate Bishop, it’s nonetheless frustrating to find that Hawkeye is ultimately proportional only to Kate’s male counterpart. Although Clint also alternates ranged attacks with his bow and sword passes, the feeling is generally the same as Kate Bishop’s. In itself that’s not really a problem as the latter was very pleasant to play, but from an original point of view we’ll come back. Of course, Hawkeye’s abilities are different from Kate’s, there is a complementarity between the two characters quite interesting despite everything. So if Clint appears a little slower than Kate, he can use arrows to regenerate health, one of his most useful skills, especially on high difficulty levels. We’ll also appreciate some area attacks that are very useful, although his ult didn’t seem very effective to me, especially on others, but it may be a simple impression on my part here. Excellent, more varied than those of other characters, but unfortunately claim a good number of premium currencies for the most beautiful ones. Frustrating, because while it is possible to restore some by completing challenges, we feel that for those who aren’t afraid to put their hands in their wallet, Crystal Dynamics is the classiest.

An imperfect DLC

Maestro’s place is ultimately very small in this content and the character is never really developed. As we said in the preamble, the story of this content is inspired by several comics depicting Kate Bishop, Clint Barton and Hulk, or rather the evil version of the latter. in other words maestro. On Earth ravaged by nuclear war, we couldn’t wait to see what the California developers would do with it. Unfortunately, it is again a disappointment, as the whole thing lacks scope and ambition. If some panoramas work visually, this “wasteland” turns out to be terribly ordinary and gives the impression of having been visited a thousand times. Although this feeling also applies to one shot of Future Imperfect, the disappointment is great, especially since the very limited staging never attracts attention. Whether during the gratuitous and incredibly awkward appearance of the Taskmaster, or the meeting with Maestro, without scaling and too long a fight, it’s difficult to be involved in these events, especially since the narrative remains messed up, especially because of the few we put envision that the next content, which is scheduled for this summer and will take place in Wakanda, will be much more ambitious, but right now this is all very disappointing, even if we remember it, completely free. In addition, browsing this DLC offers the opportunity to play it on PS5 and Xbox series, which are especially convenient to play when loading. Although there are still some bugs (scripts, slight markings on enemies …) the game is much finer in its textures or even in its special effects. Also note that if you are switching from the PS4 / One to the PS5 / Xbox series, you will need to migrate your saves from the main menu first as you can see on the screen opposite. You will then find your progress and be able to replay the solo campaign or take advantage of personalized HARM challenges thanks to Patch 1.5. Marvel’s Avengers are moving forward, the efforts of the California developers are commendable, and there is hope that the title will climb the slope, if only thanks to its recently revealed roadmap or its arrival on the aforementioned machines. For now, the additions (narrative and progression) still seem too cautious to bring players back on a regular basis, and only the future will make us lie … or not. By Logan, journalist MP