Fortnite: The Foundation, a character from Dwayne Johnson / The Rock?

Fortnite Game News: The Foundation, a character played by Dwayne Johnson / The Rock? With the start of the sixth season of Chapter 2, Fortnite introduced a new main character called The Foundation last Tuesday, who is more mysterious than ever to this day. However, many internet users have found several clues suggesting that this new person who appears to be central to the plot of Epic Games’ Battle Royale could be played by actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Since the launch of the Point Zero event, the Fortnite hype is back in full swing, if it ever passed. So, to kick off the start of Season 6 of Chapter 2 with great enthusiasm, Epic Games’ Battle Royale has therefore offered its players a fully playable solo mission to introduce the rest of the events. But before we entered, players were able to watch a cutscene that currently doesn’t seem to have all of its secrets revealed, while we previously learned that this cutscene, titled Crisis Zero, was partially completed by the Russo brothers (Avengers), Fortnite – Players now ask questions about the character of the foundation. The latter is visible at the end of the video and is called by Agent Jones trying to close point zero that is about to implode. The foundation is initially rather hostile and then agrees to help Jones on the condition that they then find Geno and the sisters together. At the level of Fortnite’s lore, all we know is that The Foundation is the leader of a mysterious group called Seven and appears to play an important role in the sequence of events. In addition to the character’s mysterious character, many players have collected several clues that suggest this new character could be played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. First track, the main interested, posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday March 16, the launch day of the sixth season of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, giving a rather vague speech. In particular, he explains that this day is special around the world, especially in a particular world and culture, and that there are connections between this and his world. Inspirational lyrics as The Rock is used to, but what intrigued some of his followers is always the end of the video as the last words spoken are “the foundation” on which he insists and which can also be found in the post description. Finally, there is character design. As a Reddit post by Matteoiceman notes, the foundation has part of his armor in a grayish-blue color that is different from the rest of his costume. It starts at the left elbow, extends to the shoulder and covers the left side of his suit. His torso, just like The Rock’s Polynesian tattoo. Let’s finish with one final note in the game files, as some players have realized that the character’s lines of dialogue are in a folder called DJ, which may be Dwayne Johsnon’s initials. To go further, the Eurogamer website contacted Epic Games to find out who the character’s spokesperson was, but they refused to respond. Our guides and tips about Fortnite By TheXsable, writing from MP