Disco Elysium: PS5, Switch, Xbox series release, content, dubbing … A big project

Disco Elysium game news: PS5, Switch, Xbox series release, content, dubbing … A big project Two years ago you had to be curious and a little nosy to wait for the Disco Elysium release. The role play by ZA / UM, an independent and atypical Estonian studio, contained incredible promises that went unnoticed. When the game was released in the fall of 2019, unanimous feedback brought the title to the fore and elevated it to the rank of the best RPG in recent years. In 2021 Disco Elysium will return to us in the form of a “Final Cut” edition. This is an opportunity for us to take stock of what is inside.

A first vision that is finally taking shape

During a presentation by a handful of ZA / UM developers, we had the opportunity to learn more about the content of Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. It was primarily Kaspar Tamalu who explained to us the desire behind the development of an extended version of the game. We only talked about the atypical nature of ZA / UM, and for good reason: the company is in no way like the traditional video game studios we’re used to seeing. The ZA / UM team, which is completely inexperienced in development, has nevertheless set itself the goal of putting together an ambitious role-playing game based on the skills of each individual team member, which is not made up of developers but of artists with different horizons. Painters, writers, and musicians teamed up to create Disco Elysium, but which was supposed to be five times bigger than the game you know today and which should offer turn-based strategic combat imprint of the RPG. However, given the teams’ technical ignorance, ZA / UM had to revise its ambitions downwards, revise its approach to the game and focus its action on a single area of ​​its universe where 4 of them were planned. The result was the Disco Elysium that we know and which, given the immense quality of the final product, which is unique in its kind, in no way need to be ashamed of diminishing its basic ambitions. But ZA / UM wanted to go further. To be more responsive to the studio’s original vision, members worked on many points, particularly technical ones. First, an optimization project was set up to fix performance issues when the game was launched in the highest definitions. In addition, a lot of new animations have been incorporated and, good news for those in a hurry, a quick travel system is now being set up that can be accessed through your diary as long as you can find it in the game.

A thought for Twitch

Of course, today it’s difficult not to at least consider Twitch integration, and ZA / UM has chosen to provide various features to encourage interaction between streamers and viewers. The viewer can initially see the player’s stats at any time, but also read his notebook to know exactly what point in the adventure he is at, but if the viewer missed an episode or a key moment in the adventure. In addition, a voting system will be built into the game that will allow the public to give the streamer a boost or a statistical penalty before making a decision. Given the great reactivity of the game, this should guarantee fairly unique games and also allow one to face the many branches that exist in Disco Elysium.

Political Visions: New Final Cut Quests

For the veterans of the game, along with the additions mentioned above, as well as the in-game synchronization that we’ll discuss below, the main attraction of this Final Cut will be its new content. And these are the “Political Vision” quests designed to add a new twist to the adventure if you already know it. These quests, which are an extension of the Disco Elysium Hero’s thought cabinet, will be four. Depending on the various decisions made during the game, whether it be interactions with the characters or Harry’s inner thoughts, players will be able to choose one of the 4 quests in question, which should be viewed as the different paths already in place. Sorry Cop Type There will first be the ultra-liberal path in which the player will try to develop their own brand, the communist path in which the player will try to start a political movement, the fascist path and finally the moralist who will try to contact government regulators. While we don’t have more details on how the new content will evolve, these quests won’t be quite the same in scope and some will be shorter than others as we know that won’t be possible. Do more than one task in the same game, the quests being mutually exclusive. Playing with a certain political vision gives the player experience points, but it also affects some content at the end of the game. Finally, there will also be a new map to explore, the details of which are not yet revealed to us, except that it will include new characters that will also be fully synchronized, which is the bulk of the work on this Final Cut.

1 million double words: a big job

We were able to speak to Jim Ashilevy, one of the three people who oversaw the enormous project that was the full dubbing of a game as extensive as Disco Elysium. The man has also put his feet in the bowl to translate the extent of the task into the “real world”. Disco Elysium represents over 1 million words. To give us a better idea of ​​this rather abstract band, Jim was pretty specific: if you take Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and add the Hobbit, you get roughly 500,000 words. So we have to double that number for Disco Elysium. The total of the Harry Potter saga novels represents approximately one million words. This is the kind of scale we had on our table. The desire to talk about the many, many characters in the game has been ZA / UM’s card since the very beginning of original development, but the limitations inherent in such a titanic job have exceeded the studio’s ambitions. The success of Disco Elysium thus contributed significantly to the start of this huge synchronization process, which took a little over a year. 284 different characters or objects had to be voiced by 59 actors, which ultimately amounts to no less than 48,000 audio files to stay within the numbers. In particular, it is the game’s narrator, Harry’s inner voice commenting on his actions, and the true backbone of the Disco Elysium experience that took most of the work, as the lines to be doubled are more than a third of the volume from the texts Play with no less than 350,000 words. It took 8 months for the ubiquitous narrator to come to life in the game, and from what we’ve heard, we expect to be regularly rocked by a soft, calm voice. ZA / UM chose to maximally emphasize the fact that Revachol, the capital of the game, shook up a lot of different people with no less similar origins. While the Covid-19 epidemic hit the world right at the very beginning of the shoot, ZA / UM adjusted to do its job as well as possible, working mostly remotely. And to tell the truth, the solution has been found, because to reflect the cosmopolitan character of Revachol, the vocal line-up comes from all over the world, from China to Morocco, England or Belgium. So everything was in place for the game to resonate with a “symphony of accents” that all worked remotely. In addition to the fact that the synchronization sticks more to the original vision of the studio, this is also for reasons of accessibility the case option was selected and finally implemented. Indeed, Disco Elysium is a talkative game, extremely talkative, and offers a vision of interactivity of its own. The prospect of reading thousands of lines in a video game can be daunting for people less attracted to reading, but also for streamers who have had to read aloud the phenomenal amount of text in the game. This will make it easier for the studio to grab players’ attention by offering full sync but it can be changed to your liking. In fact, three modes will be available when the Final Cut is released. The first will be the classic option, entirely in text form and with only double greetings. The second option, called the “psychological” option, allows you to use all of the synchronization except that of the narrator when you don’t want Harry’s inner voice to materialize. And of course, the Final Cut option enables all voices, including the narrator. Finally, it should be noted that the game will be released for the first time on PC, PS4 and PS5 as well as Sttadia on March 30th, while the Xbox One / Series versions will wait until this summer to see the light of day … at the same time, All Planets Geared, a Nintendo Switch version that should delight those looking for an excellent travel companion.