Create your own video game with the Center Pompidou Chill & Game Jam!

From March 8th to April 17th, in Studio 13/16, the young people’s room in the Center Pompidou, there is a month for creating video games. And for this occasion, a 100% online event is being organized: the “Chill & Game Jam”! Traditionally, a game jam is a competition – or hackathon – devoted to gaming, where developers of confirmed or amateurs come together to develop video games, sometimes on a specific theme and often all in one. Record time. The Center Pompidou’s Chill & Game Jam differs from this model in several ways: With the theme of “Power to the Youth”, the Chill & Game Jam is indeed characterized by its anti-crunch and anti-competition approach . Above all, the event should be a place where people can meet and exchange experiences. It therefore takes place over a long period of time and is divided into several entertaining phases. For the first time, called Pitch My Game and organized from March 8th to 26th (registrations closed), six classes, accompanied by mentors, were given the task of imagining a video game. These ideas then serve as a starting point for participants in the Game Jam, which is scheduled for April 3-11. Are you under 25 and want to bring the productions of the students participating in Pitch My Game to life? Register now before March 29th for the Studio 13/16 Game Jam using the form below. The Chill & Game Jam is open to all video game enthusiasts, professionals, students or just amateurs! The Chill & Game Jam will finally end on April 17th with a live Twitch, during which a jury of experts will present, test and analyze the games created in the past week live. Creations that you can try for yourself. I subscribe to the Center Pompidou’s Chill & Game Jam. For more information, Studio 13/16 will reply by email to the following address: studio1316 @ centrepompidou .Fr; but also on the discord of the event (Wednesday, March 24th at 5 p.m.).