Watch Dogs Legion: Online mode is finally available on PC

Watch Dogs Legion Game News: Online Mode Is Finally Available On PC Scheduled for release shortly after the game launched last October. The online mode of Watch Dogs Legion was originally postponed by Ubisoft and finally only launched on consoles on March 9th. Due to bugs, the multiplayer mode was not available on the PC at least until today thanks to the release of a new patch. That’s it, PC gamers finally have access to the Watch Dogs Legion online mode. It launched on consoles last week and was not available on PC due to technical issues with certain graphics cards. Ubisoft provided yesterday’s update 3.22 with a weight of 14.4 GB and thus enables access to this multiplayer mode on the PC. It also fixes other issues related to DX12 and ray tracing. Details can be found here. As a reminder, the Leader of the Pack Tactical Operation, playable co-op content for four players made up of five interlinked storytelling missions, will be available next week starting Tuesday, March 23rd. In addition, the game’s official Twitter account announced last week that crossplay and cross-gen play would be added soon without specifying a specific date. Buy Watch Dogs Legion on PS5 for € 64.99 from Fnac Buy Watch Dogs Legion on Xbox for € 39.99 from Fnac Watch Dogs Legion on PS4 for € 39.99 from Fnac By TheXsable, Redaktion MP