The version of Maneater – Nintendo Switch is out

Maneater Game News – Nintendo Switch Version Releases May 22nd, 2020, with the arrival of Maneater on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players could experience the joy of playing as a shark. However, aspiring divers with Nintendo Switch were still hoping to see the game industry’s most voracious shark dive into their favorite console, but without a real perspective. Today that issue is fixed as Tripwire Interactive’s title is finally a release date on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Gamers with fangs can have fun eating whatever dares to cross their path on the Japanese maker’s hybrid console from May 25th, thanks to the launch of Maneater on Nintendo Switch. The title will invite you again to play as a young orphaned bull shark in search of revenge. Your goal will therefore be to undermine the plans of the fisherman Scaly Pete while having fun swallowing everything in an open water world. By JeromeJoffard, writing from MPTwitter