The Playstation family is growing!

Chronicle The Playstation family is growing! The Evolution Championship Series, better known by the acronym EVO, is an American event that has been held every year since 2002 and in which e-athletes interested in fighting games take part in tournaments. After an edition that was severely disrupted by both the current pandemic and sex scandals, the virtual and physical editions of EVO 2020 have been canceled. Joey Cuellar, the founder of EVO, resigned as CEO last year on direct charges of sexual assault. A big blow to the event that Tony Cannon, the co-founder, has named to the post.

Renewal after the controversy?

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the acquisition of EVO yesterday evening. It is very important to ask what impact Sony will have on the event. It seems unthinkable that they are banning certain games on the pretext of not being part of the Playstation network, but will they take the opportunity to promote their own games? The next issue is already dated for August in digital format. Also Read: REVIEW ALL DAILY JVCOM REVIEWS By Tanabata, MP of the Editor of