Selection of Ryuk characters from Death Note

Death Note will have shaped its time, also through its particularly precise and detailed manga, its anime, which faithfully adapted the original material, or the film that arrives to repeat the feat of Dragon Ball Evolution. Today we decided to offer you a selection of figurines of the famous death god Ryuk. Don’t forget to bring apples. The story of Death Note revolves around Light Yagami, a gifted student who is utterly exhausted from the world around him. One day he comes across a black notebook with the sober title “Death Note”. The latter has a very special power, writes someone’s name into it and dies almost instantly. After a test, Light found that the performance of this notebook was very real. The real owner of the notebook, Ryuk, appears to the young student and explains to him that it is his notebook, but that he is leaving it to be able to converse with the consequences of his action. Ryuk is a Shinigami – literally the god of death. His deep and persistent boredom in the abode of the gods of death motivated him to drop his notebook in order to be able to converse with the consequences. He is tall, has long limbs, and is constantly smiling. He’s the most distant character of the whole thing. As a viewer who takes part in the adventures of the manga, he does not take part and is happy to see how people deal with the phenomenon of “Death Note”. Ryuk is also known for his huge appetite for very red apples, which he is completely insane for. In honor of this character, we have prepared a selection of characters that can have an impact on your home. We’ll unfold it for you below.

Ryuk’s SFC figure

We find our favorite death god crouching on a skull and staring into a situation that evokes joy and pleasure in him. The figure is made of PVC and is on a scale of 1:10, 30 cm high, including the wings. Check out the SFC figure of Death God Ryuk on Amazon

The floating Ryuk figure

Ryuk left his posture to float gently over the ground with his wings. This figure is made of vinyl and is 24 cm high and has a wingspan of 26 cm. Check out the vinyl Ryuk figure on Amazon

The Funko Pop version! from Ryuk with his apple

Finally we offer you this great Funko Pop! from Ryuk. His big smile was still on his face, the god of death is holding his favorite food in his hand: a beautiful red apple. He is so addicted to this earthly dish that you can easily extort information from him if you have it on hand. Discover Funko Pop! by Ryuk at Cdiscount Also read: By MrBonsPlans, Partenaire MP