Marvel’s Avengers – Spider-Man is released after Black Panther

Marvel’s Avengers Game News – Spider-Man is released after Black Panther was announced in advance of the official launch of Marvel’s Avengers game exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The Spider-Man expansion has since disappeared from the radar. You would have expected the latter to reappear during the Square Enix Presents, but unfortunately not. The players therefore rightly wondered whether this content was still relevant. Don’t go all the way, the answer is yes! Our IGN colleagues, particularly concerned that the Webweaver was not mentioned on the Marvel’s Avengers roadmap for 2021, discussed the “Spider-Man” problem with Scot Amos, director of Crystal Dynamics. And the latter claimed that the developers are still working on the design of the hero of Manhattan. Don’t expect Spider-Man to end up in the game in the coming months, however, as Black Panther is currently the priority. This brand new content, expected in summer 2021 at the earliest, gives players the opportunity to explore a whole new area – a lush jungle – as the hero of Wakanda. About Marvel’s Avengers: By JeromeJoffard, writing by MPTwitter