GTA Online: Double Rewards and Weekly Promotions

GTA Online Game News: Double Rewards and Weekly Promotions Like every week, it’s time to take stock of the weekly news that integrates GTA V’s online mode. On the menu: double rewards in Arena War, bonuses in Rhino Hunt or special vehicle missions. This week, GTA Online players can earn Double Rewards in Arena Trials in all game modes from Blast Ball to Chaos Race. Those who own the Arena Workshop can equip the vertical jump for free. The rewards are also doubled on Rhino Hunt and special vehicle missions. The foolproof brute t-shirt can be picked up free of charge for all players for gifts. And in the lobby of the Diamond Casino & Hotel, the grand prix of the week is the sporty Pfister Comet SR. PROMOTIONS OF THE WEEK – 40% Arena workshop, its upgrades and modifications – 30% weapons, armor, turbos, bodies Arena vehicles -30% Arena Annis ZR380 (all styles) -30% Arena Western Deathbike -30% HVY Arena Scarab- 30% Arena Bravado Sasquatch-30% Arena Vapid Slamvan -30% Declasse Impaler Arena-40% Declasse Tulip-40% Benefactor Beat GT-40% Schyster Deviant-40% Armed Dinghy-40% Mammut Squaddie From Tiraxa, write to MP