Fortnite Season 6: The Croft Family Mansion was soon added to Creative Mode

Fortnite Game News, Season 6: The Croft Family Mansion Soon Adopted Creative Mode Following the grand finale of the “Zero Crisis” that marks the start of Chapter 2 – Season 6, Fortnite has unveiled its new Battle Pass, the one in particular the arrival of Lara reveals Croft Skins. The collaboration with the Tomb Raider franchise doesn’t seem to end here, however, as the Croft Family Mansion will also be added in Creative Mode starting next Tuesday. Last Tuesday, Epic Games ended the fifth season of the second chapter of their hit Battle Royale with a fully playable solo mission called Point Zero to introduce the rest of the events for season 6. This new season, known as Primitive Instinct, was subsequently revealed by their new Battle Pass, in which Raz, Pioupiou, Raven or Tarana are honored with new outfits, but also Lara Croft, presents itself in three different appearances. However, the collaboration between Square Enix, which owns the license for Tomb Raider and Epic Games, isn’t It seems to end there. In fact, last night, on the occasion of Square Enix Presents, which announced a new Life is Strange, the publisher announced the roadmap of Marvel’s Avengers, or the new name for Project Athia, that the famous Croft Family Mansion is due to arrive from Fortnite Creative Mode Tuesday, March 23rd at 3 p.m. KST. As far as we currently know, it would be a playable adventure developed by Studio Alliance. Our guides and tips about Fortnite Complete Guide Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2, Season 6 By TheXsable, written by MP