Chronicle 5 things to know: Matrix, Sword Art Online, Ready Player One …: and whether it was already possible?

Matrix Chronicle, Sword Art Online, Ready Player One …: What if it was already possible? The fact of being projected into a game, a virtual universe, is the imagination of many players. Series, animated films and films such as Sword Art Online, Matrix, Dot Hack or even Ready Player One deal with the topic and fascinate us. But is it possible today and what are we lacking to achieve it? Panthaa explains in video 5 things you should know about the virtual.

We are not ready!

For those who don’t know, Sword Art Online, Dot Hack or even Ready Player One are novels where video games lose their function and successfully displace reality. Inside, people are fascinated by a game that is more real than real life. Science fiction or anticipation maybe, but as gamers we love these stories. Simply because it speaks to us and we all secretly want to discover a game that gives us that punch. And we may not be that far from that truth today.

From the cloud for exceptional rendering

What all of these experiences have in common is that the environments and graphics are breathtaking. To achieve such a result, the solution would be cloud gaming. As a reminder, the cloud plays games that run on large remote servers. Imagine running MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV on these servers with extremely improved and realistic graphics. So far, only Stadia has tried to develop games exclusively for Cloud Gaming, but only ended the project a few weeks ago. However, Panthaa believes that as the cloud advances, more initiatives will soon emerge.

A motorhome that is deposited!

Another common point between all of these worlds is often the immersion in virtual reality. VR allows for strong immersion and multiplies the sensations felt by the player. To complete the immersion, you can use haptic vests with force feedback, like in Ready Player One that comes with it, as well as mats that allow you to walk in all directions. The development of the controllers shows that progress will not stop.

Ultra connected and community

In SAO or Ready Player One series or movies, this is because the players are always connected even when they are not playing. Talk to friends, buy equipment, plan raids, anything else besides the game. There is a real desire not to get off and that can be seen today. For example with Genshin Impact, which offers an almost seamless transition from PC to mobile phone. But also with games like Roblox and Minecraft, which have a real social dimension and almost serve as social networks.

Do we want that?

The question that arises today beyond feasibility is whether we really want to move towards parallel and virtual worlds? The question often arises and reappears in public debate. There is a real problem of over-consumption of screens, persistent universes, and disinterest in reality. At the same time, in a world where we have often been locked in recently, there is a real need to reestablish social ties. To see if we get to this type of advanced universe will appear or if we get scared beforehand. By Wuzi_, writing from MP