Xbox and Philousport work together to promote disabled gamers

You have surely seen it, Xbox has been investing in promoting the practice of video games among people with disabilities for several years, particularly with the adaptive controller. To continue in this direction, Xbox has released a series of videos in partnership with CapGames and Philousports, one of the most famous French-speaking Twittos. The title Philousports is part of the game. This video series, which already contains two episodes, looks back on the career of Philippe, who suffers from myopathy. The goal, of course, is to talk about the accessibility of video games and the efforts that are being made to make it accessible to everyone, but also to learn more about whoever started posting gifs. The latter therefore began by sending a message to Cap Games France on the occasion of the release of the Xbox Series X, whose basic controller is not suitable for the respective situation. Founded in 2013 in 1901, this legal association works every day to make video games more accessible. As the discussions progressed, the idea of ​​making him and his benevolence ambassadors to promote the practice of video games among gamers with disabilities came up. Following these discussions, CapGames and Philousports moved up a gear and discussed in turn how to set up a facility that meets the needs. CapGames can use various questions to determine which games it would like to access and which peripheral devices Philousports will let play again 5 years after the termination. For its part, Xbox intervenes through Ina Gelbert, the patron of the French branch of the group. . @ Capgame_France replied to Philou’s message! You can think about your ideal setup. In this second episode, @InaGelbert talks about Xbox’s accessibility mission and as a bonus, Philou shows us behind the scenes of his favorite game: Twitter 😁 – Xbox FR (@XboxFR) March 17, 2021 She explains in particular 75% say of the French that they are players, but 12 million people are handicapped. It would therefore be up to the industry to make progress towards better accessibility so that all these people can play, whether they have a visible handicap or not. This is where the notoriety of Philousport comes into play as it is possible to raise awareness and reach out to a large number of people. Eventually, Xbox found Philousports on its own ground, Twitter, to take part in a small 280 character interview. The Twittos explains that the video game has always allowed him to do things he couldn’t do in reality, like play soccer. Due to a progressive loss of motor skills in his hands, he was unable to hold a controller, which was very detrimental to his morale, he explains. He also states: I think we should consult even more people with disabilities, and in particular communicate more on this issue of accessibility, in order to give visibility to these players and players (which I intend to do with it. He finally invites all people with disabilities To take the Dive in and learn about the different systems that are out there because it is possible to play no matter what. Take the plunge! Now that we have all the equipment to play with, it’s just great we lifted the barriers that prevented us from playing By MalloDelic, journalist MP