PS5: AllStars Destruction indicates the first season (ranked mode, battle pass, new character …)

PS5 game news: Destruction AllStars announces the first season (ranked mode, battle pass, new character …). The exclusive PS5 Destruction AllStars launched last February with limited content and will expand their formula over the months and seasons. The first, called Hotshots, runs from April to July. Sony and Lucid Games have released the first details of this first season of Destruction AllStars on the PlayStation Blog. This is the first step in introducing a ranked mode called Blitz, where four teams of three players each compete. No more precision at the moment. Developers will also be offering a Battle Pass with a free lane and a paid lane to unlock seasonal cosmetic rewards, while a new AllStar will add to the cast of 16 characters currently available. Finally we learn that a photo mode is in preparation. Lucid Games will come back to these new features in detail in a future blog post. As a reminder, Destruction AllStars is included in the PlayStation Plus offer until April 6th. As of this date, the game will be on sale on PlayStation Store for € 19.99. Also Read: AllStars Destruction Test, a PS5 Exclusive Game That Lacks Ambition. By Clementoss, writing from MPTwitter

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