Marvel’s Avengers: arrival of the versions of the PS5 / Xbox series, the roadmap and Wakanda on the program

Marvel’s Avengers Game News: PS5 / Xbox Series Versions, Roadmap, and Wakanda Arrivals in Program September 2020, expectations for Marvel’s Avengers are high. On the one hand because it is the largest budget for a western game at Square Enix, and on the other hand because it was developed by the talented team at Crystal Dynamics (Soul Reaver, Tomb Raider …). Under the direction of Marvel (who had already invested in the excellent Spider-Man from Insomniac Games two years earlier), the title raises high hopes among those looking to rediscover the spirit of adventure and excessiveness of recent MCU films. We know the rest. The game will remain very disappointing for 1001 reasons despite having a solid base as the community gradually depopulates the servers. But instead of sinking into an endless hole, the Californian developers have rolled up their sleeves and after bombarding their baby with various corrective patches (minimizing errors, although there are still many left), they are now spending the second finally presenting the roadmap Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, killing two birds with one stone, are benefiting from the release of their title on PS5 and Xbox Series X (versions to which we will come back shortly) and the new free chapter dedicated to Hawkeye to publish their roadmap spans several months. That element was sorely lacking in the game, which at first glance seemed to navigate by adding some content here and there, including the character of Kate Bishop who was very pleasant to work with but didn’t enjoy a narrative arc at the height of his gameplay. Without further ado, let’s take a little tour of the owner to see what to expect.

The long awaited road map

Marvel’s Avengers roadmap is slowly arriving, but this time around, Crystal Dynamics appears to be more actively supporting its title. With the inclusion of Scot Amos (Crystal Dynamics), whom we interviewed yesterday, the American company is aware that the initial communication was dangerous and that the original game had many problems, starting with its many flaws, including the number with which it still takes the help of regular corrections. Additionally, Scot Amos made it clear to us that their main desire was to clean up the base before any content was really added. We can therefore imagine why it took so long for this roadmap to arrive. In addition to providing transparency and in-depth communication with players, Crystal Dynamics has decided to speed up by letting us know what will happen in the coming months. While the release of the versions of the PS5 / Xbox series will be accompanied by Patch 1.5, we propose in particular to configure the HARM rooms to take advantage of the challenges à la carte, while the campaign can be repeated, a variation of the missions will be made in the spring in connection with tachyonic errors arrive and ask us to achieve the goals in a limited time thanks to temporal balls. Playable from two to four, this time the same four characters can be chosen. Hopefully the players will return though as it has been difficult to find teammates so far. A little later, to accompany the film Black Widow, for the moment expected next May, the Red Room will arrive, which is nothing more than a new HARM challenge for The Black Widow that can recover on the occasion of the more interesting Starting this summer, there will be the Cosmic Cube, an artifact known to fans and those who have watched the MCU films. If it is too early to know how the object will be used, keep in mind that this creation of AIM, powered by the energy of the negative zone, is intended to grant all desires. There is therefore material to propose multiple intrigues and meetings (cuckoo annihilus) through the cube and we hope that it will not simply be associated with the super adaptoid that was seen in the previous DLC. Summer will propose to refine the basic. In addition, we have the opportunity to find new missions and tasks in the wasteland, new mega-hives, as well as several realignments. Although Spider-Man is not mentioned on this roadmap, Crystal Dynamics announced that the character will be part of this future content. Also important, while the developers teased it on Twitter and Twitch, we’ll find plenty of outfits inspired by the MCU, and it’ll be possible to go past level 50 with a revamped progression curve, in other words, the new expansion The War of Wakanda. With Black Panther versus Klaw and new enemies, this expansion currently looks like a kind of cross between Marvel’s Avengers and Tomb Raider due to its new environment. In addition to a new outpost, a maximum increase in performance and additional outfits, we will be able to develop particularly in a lush jungle that is very different from the urban or destroyed environments of the base game. Black Panther: War for Wakanda DLC Trailer

PS5 and Xbox series versions

In parallel to the roadmap, the versions of the PS5 and Xbox series of the game arrive today. While we’re offering you the gameplay of these versions starting tomorrow, let’s take a look at the specifics of the latter, note that the 4K / 60fps combination these two versions will benefit from (the S-series has to be content with a resolution of 1440p Its loading times are of course reduced thanks to the SSD, and the PS5 version of 3D benefits from audio technology. It goes without saying that the haptic feedback of the DualSense is also used well. While switching from the PS4 / Xbox One version to the PS5 / Xbox series is free, the good news is that crossplay will take place and will allow Playstation players to play among themselves. Same goes for Xbox gamers. Finally, details that the backups are transferable from one version to another.

A new free DLC made up of three comics

First published in the United States in 1992, Un Futur Imperfait tells the story of the Hulk who became a true tyrant after adopting the name Maestro and masterfully ruling the city of Dystopia, the earth was devastated by nuclear war. Without being transcendent, this comic book worked pretty well, if only thanks to the clashes between the young and old Hulk and of course the consequences such a meeting could have for both the residents of Dystopia and the two Hulks. Knowing that Marvel’s Avengers will focus on the character of Hawkeye, the pitch of Future Imperfect will serve more as context to tell the story of Clint Barton, taken from the comics My Life as a Weapon (where we are already reunited with Kate Bishop) and Old Man Hawkeye, who are in the same universe ravaged by super villains like Old Man Logans. Just like everyone else, to link it to that of Future Imperfect, we have the opportunity to discover a new environment, in other words, The Desolate Lands, devastated by the Krees, of whom we were able to see a representative at the end of the year Original game, all from new threats, we hope, although the dedicated trailer doesn’t go in that direction. In both cases it is still possible to complete new missions and get different costumes. To judge Hawkeye’s gameplay (based on Kate Bishop’s) and the quality of the story, we’re giving you an appointment on the website this weekend.