House Flipper Trailer: Garden – Become the Valérie Damidot of the Gardens

House Flipper: Garden Trailer – Become the Valérie Damidot of the Gardens The DLC for the house pinball game Garden Flipper is already available on Mac and PC and is finally arriving on home consoles. After nearly three years of indoor repair and beautification, players can finally get some fresh air. In 2018 House Flipper offered to renovate houses in very poor condition. Repeating the picture, plumbing, electrical installation, tiles, walls destroying and rebuilding: these were the possibilities offered to the player. His DLC, Garden Flipper, uses the same idea, this time for the outdoors. The ability to cut down or plant trees and plants, create paths, etc. All of this includes new tools and items, but also new game mechanics. Despite its late release on console, Frozen District CEO Kris Krej is looking forward to a feature fans have long been waiting for. Flipper Cover: Garden Flipper is now available for PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter