Hogwarts Legacy: The controversial lead designer declares his departure

Hogwarts Legacy News Game: Main Designer Affected by Controversy Explains His Departure Troy Leavitt, former main designer of the Hogwarts Legacy game, explained in a YouTube video the reasons for his departure from Avalanche Software following the controversy that targeted his chain. A few weeks ago we learned of the departure of the lead designer of Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, Troy Leavitt, who has been targeted by criticism of anti-feminist content on his YouTube channel and statements deemed pro-GamerGate. A controversy first highlighted by a series of tweets written by Did You Know Gaming employee Liam Robertson. In particular, on this YouTube page we can find a video in defense of John Lasseter, co-founder of Pixar, who resigned in 2017 on charges of sexual harassment. Some time later, the man said he was leaving his position at Avalanche Software but said he felt “safe in his position”. “I wanted to quit, however, for reasons that I’ll explain in the next video,” he added. As promised, Leavitt spoke in more detail about his decision to abandon the Hogwarts Legacy Project. In a video titled “To My Friends at Avalanche,” the man explains that although the controversy surrounding his channel has become an aggravating factor, “but not the cause”, his departure is mainly caused by family problems. Once again, he argues that Warner Bros. Interactive put no pressure on him to encourage his departure. At the same time, he expressed his intention to work on developing indie games and writing fantastic novels. In his resignation letter, Leavitt says he leaves with “warm feelings towards the Avalanche team and the WB organization”. And to add, “Avalanche is the right studio to make this game”. Hogwarts Legacy is expected to hit consoles and PCs initially this year and won’t be released until 2022. The title promises a great adventure in which the player can embody a young wizard who studied the 19th century in the famous school of witchcraft. From Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley, you can explore key locations in the saga and improve your character through various courses. By Tiraxa, journalist MP

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