EVO is acquired by Sony and joins the PlayStation family

News store EVO is bought by Sony and joins the PlayStation family. A new adventure begins for the EVO, the Evolution Championship Series, a cultural event that has hosted numerous tournaments for popular fighting games since 1996. In fact, Sony Interactive Entertainment partnered with RTS, a brand new esports organization, to acquire the Evolution Championship Series. The news has just been posted on the official Sony Interactive Entertainment website: After several partnerships between PlayStation and EVO, Sony decides to buy the largest fighting game tournament with the help of RTS, the company’s subsidiary. Endeavor under the direction of Stuart Saw. Today we are excited to announce the next chapter in the history of PlayStation and EVO, the world’s largest and longest fighting game tournament. Sony Interactive Entertainment has partnered with RTS to acquire EVO in a joint venture partnership. Despite this acquisition, Sony has announced that EVO co-founders Tom and Tony Cannon will continue to be involved in the project to ensure the tournament continues its dynamic growth. To celebrate this new event, Sony announces that the EVO will return with a digital product this year edition called EVO Online. The latter takes place August 6th-8th and August 13th-15th and welcomes players from North America, Europe, Asia and South America to free entry to tournaments with titles like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Mortal Kombat 11 or Guilty Gear Strive, the new creation from Arc System Works (Dragon Ball FighterZ), which is expected for June 11th on PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, opportunities to expand the tournament together with our fans and make its events and shows more entertaining , more engaging and accessible than ever before. EVO will stay as it always was: an open competition where fans of fighting games from different countries have the opportunity to socialize, test their skills and make new friends. SHE By JeromeJoffard, writing from jeuxvideo.com MPTwitter