Xbox Game Pass: The Little Pearls We Recommend

Xbox Game Pass Game News: The Little Gems We Recommend To help you have a good weekend, we bring you a list of games not to be missed when you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s on-demand game service Available on PC and Xbox One, Xbox Series, and even Android. There are therefore definitely ten little pearls on the program, starting with Desperados III, Outer Wilds or Streets of Rage 4. There is something for everyone!

Desperados III

Let’s start this list with one of the little surprises from last year, namely Desperados III. The title of Mimimi Games, which tells the adventures before the first opus of the series published in 2001, combined all the qualities of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and transferred them to the hostile and desert world of John Cooper, the hero of this saga iconic. Of course, our cowboy doesn’t arrive alone and brings his team of guards back together, starting with Doctor McCoy and Kate O’Hara. You will also like:


With this second video game gem, let’s put the tactical aspect of the Desperados saga aside and explore Frostpunk, a management game produced by 11-bit studios, the makers of the essential This War of Mine. Once again the player is faced with a devastated world, but this time it is not war that is responsible for these evils, but a natural disaster. The latter has plunged the world into a new ice age. Your aim? Build a city of refuge for the rare survivors of this post-apocalyptic universe. You will also like:


Grounded, the cooperative multiplayer game available for early access to Xbox Game Pass, puts you in the role of tiny people facing giant insects. To survive you have to team up with three other players and build such small barracks, ideal for recharging your battery and building new tools to collect many resources more efficiently and repel dangerous spiders. If you are a fan of survival games like ARK: Survival Evolved you will not be disoriented as the title has all the codes.

Hellblade: Senua’s victim

While Xbox Game Pass is waiting for the second work, which is still in the process of being released, it offers gamers the opportunity to experience the first adventure of Senua, a particularly tormented warrior. Like the 2018 god of war, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice allows players to step through Norse mythology and battle fearsome creatures in a long, beautiful sequence. The program includes a story written with finesse, an unforgettable soundtrack and a handful of puzzles to be solved.

Lonely mountains: down

Change of register at Lonely Mountains: Downhill. So leave the macabre atmosphere of Hellblade and make room for a relaxing universe. Let the players enjoy a great bucolic walk at least when they are not trying to blow up the scores. In fact, the main goal of Lonely Mountains: Downhill is not just observing the scenery, but rather descending a mountain on a bike at full speed, taking dozens and dozen of short cuts while trying to avoid the many obstacles along the way .

Nobody’s heaven

Despite a particularly difficult start, No Man’s Sky, Hello Games’ latest creation is a must-have for all budding explorers today. The game therefore offers you the opportunity to board a spaceship to explore billions of planets with different biomes in the first or third person. Once there, it is therefore possible to discover strange fauna and particularly astonishing landscapes. Also note that it is possible to collect many resources to upgrade your equipment, starting with your weapons or spaceship, or to build your own base.

Outer wilderness

Let’s stay a few moments in space to discover Outer Wilds, an amazing adventure where you can experience the same 22 minute time warp over and over again. The goal, of course, is to use all the time to explore a solar system as complete as it is strange and thus learn how it works. Along the way, it will also be possible to solve many puzzles and achieve several unforgettable encounters. You will also like:

Streets of Rage 4

Let’s stop exploring for a while and immediately take off our boxing gloves! With Streets of Rage 4, French studio Dotemu pays tribute to a whole part of the video game world with Axel, Blaze and Adam, an inseparable trio that has not hesitated to rid the streets of the local underworld since 1991, the fourth work of the famous Beat’em Up Sage therefore takes up all the codes of the recipe established in the 1990s and modernizes them, in particular by adopting a completely new and particularly fabulous artistic direction.

The tourist

At the end of 2019 we received a little surprise, namely The Touryst. The title Shin’en Multimedia, which took advantage of the Xbox series launch last November to participate in the Xbox Game Pass program, allows you to have a getaway in the company of a tourist who is close to everything, to solve many puzzles. This colorful proposal, especially relaxing and while voxel, also takes the opportunity to play the rope of nostalgia by offering players the chance to participate in many successful mini-games. If vacationing is your thing, The Touryst is for you. You will also like:

What’s left of Edith Finch

After delivering the excellent The Unfinished Swan in 2012, Giant Sparrow made a comeback in 2017 to give players an incredible journey, namely What Remains of Edith Finch. The title, rated 18 out of 20 in our columns, enables Xbox Game Pass subscribers to enjoy a small collection of stories depicting the adventures of the Finch family, a cursed family in Washington State , tell. The little specialty of What Remains of Edith Finch is that each of these little stories offers a completely different way of playing. If you have almost 3 hours to go, What Remains of Edith Finch is the game for you. You May Also Like: By JeromeJoffard, writing by MPTwitter