Watch Dogs Legion less than € 35

Amazon currently sells Watch Dogs Legion for less than $ 35. If you can feel the soul of a potential hacker but London is still a long way off, you might as well buy this title – you can get it for less!

Amazon Bargain: Watch Dogs Legion on PS4

Watch Dogs Legion, the third installment in Ubisoft’s series, immerses you in ultra-connected and monitored post-Brexit London. You have the option to hack anyone, but also to take possession of them. Every death is permanent, so taking possession of the NPCs is useful. Buy Watch Dogs Legion PS4 for € 34.20 on Amazon

What you need to know about Watch Dogs Legion

Kaaraj’s Opinion Following a linear curve, Watch Dogs Legion is enriched with new gameplay elements that make it the most successful episode of the trilogy on this point. It also shines with its new system for recruiting everyone on the fly, of whom we can certainly see the “tricks” after a few hours, but who keep their promises in terms of gaming fun. It turns out to be brilliantly constructed and provides constant pleasure to eyes, not necessarily carried by a more classic scenario, shaped by a more common insight and some very predictable script decisions. Some scars from previous opus – physics engine and dated collisions, AI enemies that are still very weird – come here to soften our excitement a bit and show the Legion’s imperfection, but it has enough traits to make the fans convince of the license to dive into it again. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner MP