The best Qled TVs of 2021 at the right price

Like Oled, Qled is becoming more and more democratic in private households. Its features, advantages and lower price make it a real alternative to Oled, both in terms of budget and technology. Here are our pick of the best Qled TVs of 2021.

The choice of technology

There are two main trends in today’s television market. The Oled and the Qled. These two technologies are very different from each other and also from their prices! Qled televisions are much cheaper on average. If the size is similar, a variation of at least € 400 is applied between two Qled and Oled TVs. The big differences are mainly in contrast and brightness.

A real alternative

Qled technology is indeed a significant improvement over the traditional LCD screen. In contrast to Oled tiles, the screen is backlit. However, Samsung added a new, more sophisticated Quantum Dot filter to the VA panel. Its function is to cover 100% of the color space. The backlight system is intelligently managed depending on the type of image. To display deep black, the backlight, which is divided into several parts, is switched off. As a result, the pixels are no longer illuminated from behind and therefore show a darker black. The main advantage of QLED TVs is their much higher brightness than Oled. In conjunction with HDR, the colors are more striking. Energy consumption is also a strength. These televisions cost less, which lowers your electricity bill. Finally, LCD panels are now available in various sizes up to 88 inches at a lower price than the Oled. Depending on your needs and budget, these televisions are offered as a real economical and technological alternative. Here is our selection of Qled 2021 TVs at the best price: The QE65Q77T is a nice mid-range model with a 4K UHD VA panel of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a frequency of 100 Hz. It is ideal for playing among good guys Conditions The latest consoles have been released and allow you to take full advantage of the great fluidity of the various video sources. Buy the Samsung QLED 4K 65 “TV for € 1,399.99 instead of € 1,499.99 from € 1,399.99 instead of € 1,499.99 from Darty

A television with many functions

And like all Samsung QLED models in 2020, this TV offers an ambient mode in which your TV shows a work of art, a landscape, in table mode with reduced brightness and of course offers all the services of a good smart TV.: Netflix, Youtube, Disney +, but also the mirroring of your smartphone or computer. Buy the Samsung QE65Q6 TV for € 1,152.99 at Cdiscount

A great format for cinema and video games

The Samsung QE65Q6 65 “TV therefore offers a 4K panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at 100 Hz and HDR10 + management. Connection side, 3 HDMI 2.0 connections, 2 USB connections, a wired network connection (although the TV Either is equipped with Wifi) and an optical digital audio output for connecting your stereo sound system 5.1 or 7.1. This TV also offers a game mode with low latency as well as an automatic game mode that automatically switches to game mode when a console is started.Note also that it is compatible with FreeSync technology, which improves the fluidity of the game image. Xbox Series X and PS5 are compatible with this feature. It is not the only brand to offer televisions with the famous QLED technology. Indeed TCL has a special range, in particular the 55C. Today Boulanger offers this television at an attractive one Price of only € 599 instead of € 699 with a cashback offer. Buy the TV QLED TCL 55C at a price of € 599 instead of € 699 with ODR

The characteristics of this model

As announced at the beginning, this TV is equipped with QLED technology with HDR compatibility. The 50 Hz 4K display is 55 inches. Dolby Atmos does the job with the added bonus of a voice command that lets you control the TV without a remote. Finally, it has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. It’s always difficult to find a good TV without putting all of your savings into it. TCL is one of the safe values ​​in the niche with the good price-performance ratio, with models that are often very efficient and at an attractive price. With this promotion and this ODR offer, the price for this QLED TV remains very attractive. Buy TCL 4K QLED TV for € 1099 instead of € 1199 from ODR

4K at a great price

This smart TV integrates an Android operating system that gives you a simple and unlimited experience. The definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels together with the sampling frequency of 100 Hz and the Micro Dimming Pro technology allow him to analyze the images and change the contrast depending on the broadcast. A screen that looks great for less than $ 1,100. This 65 inch smart TV has a definition of 7680 x 4320 or 8K. In addition to its 100 Hz refresh rate, this TV will take you to a whole new level of picture immersion. Knowing that 8K is still emerging in the smart TV market, this TV has a significant advantage as it comes at a 29% discount. In addition, you get a 25% discount with the Samsung ODR. It is important that delivery and installation are free! Buy the Samsung Q800T 4K UHD Smart TV for € 1,874.25 instead of € 3,499 from Fnac. ODRC advises the refund offer

The features of the Samsung Q800T Smart TV

The Samsung Q800T is equipped with a 65-inch 10-bit 100/120 Hz VA panel, i.e. H. About 165 cm. Compatible with HDR 10, HDR 10+ and HLG, this smart TV is suitable for both next-generation consoles and content with the most advanced definitions. With the OTS + (Object Tracking Sound +) 1 system, which improves the spatiality of the sound, the sound is not left out. To also read: