Super Bomberman R Online is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC

Super Bomberman R Online Game News Appears on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC Super Bomberman R Online and its 64-player battles are no longer reserved for Google Stadia: Konami announces the upcoming release of this free Battle Royale on PC (Steam ), PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Super Bomberman R Online has been available on Google Stadia since last September and is based on the formula developed by Hudson, which has been adapted for 64-player games on 16 battlefields. “As players turn to dust with bomb explosions, the number of battlefields decreases until the ultimate battle for the last bomber takes place,” says Konami. The title has many options for customizing your avatar, including costumes, accessories, and bomb skins. Players can also purchase a premium package (€ 9.99) that allows them to access 14 additional characters from Konami licenses (Castlevania, Silent Hill, Gradius …) and create private games with personalized rules. Different modes: Battle 64, Standard (up to 16 players) and Grand Prix (players are split into two teams that fight for points). More information about the game and its release date will be announced shortly. By Clementoss, MPTwitter editor of