SIFU Trailer: Sloclap’s Next Game Features Expanded Trailer – Pegasus 2021

SIFU Trailer: Sloclap’s Next Game Features an Expanded Trailer – Pegasus 2021 SIFU, announced last February during the State of Play organized by Sony, is an action and fighting game developed by SloClap that we owe Absolver. Very inspired by Asian cinema, SIFU presented an extended version of its trailer during Pegasus 2021. As in Absolver, players must master the various fighting techniques in order to produce real battle choreographies. In the title, players control a young student who is exposed to multiple threats. He also has a magical medallion that can revive him. Unfortunately, this artifact causes the character to age with every use. SIFU is expected for PC, PS4 and PS5 in 2021. By MalloDelic, journalist MP