PS4 a lot: Darksiders Genesis at -38%

Amazon is currently offering the spin-off of the Darksiders series at a low price. If you want to find war and strife against the Luciferian forces, now is the time to get your hands on them! Darsiders Genesis is a spin-off that comes close to an action RPG like Diablo. War and strife must go to hell in hell Lucifer, who threatens to upset the balance by giving powerful powers to demons. These events precede those of the very first Darksiders. Buy Darsiders Genesis for $ 24.65 instead of $ 39.99 on Amazon

What you need to know about Darksiders Genesis

From the point of view of a nervous action RPG, Darksiders Genesis gives the fourth rider a solid introduction to the saga. If the title encountered some finishing bugs when it was released, it successfully combines the frantic action specific to the license and its traditional stages of puzzles and platforms to produce an end result closer to a Darksiders 1 than a Diablo. Also, with excellent artistic direction, Airship Syndicate’s proposal is crowned with a cherry on top in the form of a co-op mode that can be played online or locally with two people. We invite you to read the full review for more information on this title. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner MP