Good Deal PS4: Dead Cell Action Game of the Year under € 20

Dead Cells, the little nugget that combines adventure, action and villainy, currently costs less than 20 euros on Amazon in its GOTY version with additional content. Dead Cells is a platform-style action-adventure game with villainous elements. The player has to explore a castle and resist hordes of zombies and monsters. For this purpose, in addition to magic, you can also use your whip and various weapons. This version of the Action Game of the Year includes: An exclusive keychain An artbook A reversible cover Rise of the Giant DLC Buy Dead Cells Action Game of the Year for $ 19.06 on Amazon

What You Need To Know About Dead Cells

Carnbee’s Opinion Note: 18/20 Dead Cells is a unique accomplishment indeed in that it draws a lot of inspiration. The game design seems to us to be as solid as the stones that adorn this cursed castle that you have to walk through. This is not a metaphor chosen at random when the harshness is evident from the location. Unless you fully resist the sweet frustration of permanent death, this epic should make you lose your mind forever, just like its strange main protagonist. For the best, and for the RIP, we invite you to read our full review for more information on this title. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner MP