Genshin Impact, Version 1.4 Coming: Everything you need to know about the update

〓 Content of the update 〓I. New characters Rosalia · Beneficence Rogue (Cryo) 4 ★ ◇ Divine Eye: Cryo ◇ Weapon: Polearm ◇ A nun who only looks like that. His words are sharp and his demeanor is cold. She always acts alone. ◆ Her basic Confession of Sins ability allows her to move quickly behind her target to attack and inflict Cryo DGT on them. His elementary rampage “Sacrament of Death” knocks an ice spear to the ground and causes severe cryogenic damage, followed by temporary AoE cryogenic damage. New Equipment ◇ New Weapons: Last Sigh (Bow) 5 ★, Deadlock Bolt (One-Handed Sword) 4 ★, Wine and Singing (Catalyst) 4 ★, Dead End Stalker (Bow) 4 ★ and Ode to the Trade Winds (Bow) 4 ★. ◆ Take part in the “Trade wind invitation” event to receive the exclusive event weapon “Ode to the trade winds (bow)”! ◆ During the Divine Incarnation vows, events are available that will be available after the update from Version 1.4 to 2021 / 04/06 15:59, the drop rates of the following exclusive 5 ★ weapon: Ultimate Sigh (Bow), the following 5 ★ Weapon: Blade of the Azure Vault (one-handed sword) as well as the following exclusive 4 ★ weapons: Deadlock Bolt (one-handed sword) and Wine and Song (Catalyst) will be greatly increased! The Deadlock Stalker (Bow) weapon will be available in future Wish Events. III. New Events “Trade Wind Invitation” themed event: Participate to receive the exclusive weapon of the “Ode to the Trade Winds (bow)” event! ◆ Total duration: from 2021/03/19 10:00 to 2021 / 04/05 03:59 ◆ Opening of the event shop: from 2021/03/19 10:00 to 2021/04/12 03:59 ◆ Event rules : Take part in the challenges of the Fête des alizées to win trade wind tickets and secret vouchers. These two currencies can be redeemed in the event shop for many rewards, e.g. B. for the bow “Ode to the trade winds”, the exclusive refinement material “Visible Winds”, crowns of wisdom and more. 〓 Festive interesting facts 〓 Act 1: from 2021/03/19 10:00 to 2021/04/05 03:59 Act 2: from 2021/03/22 04:00 to 2021/04/05 03:59 Act 3: from 2021/03/25 04:00 to 2021/04/05 03:59 Act 4: from 2021/03/28 04:00 to 2021/04/05 03:59 ◆ Quest series for the Festival of the Trade Winds are during the duration of the event available . Each act unlocks over time and offers you new quests. Complete them to get Prime Gems, Character XP Materials, Moras, and other rewards. In version 1.4 we have more events in store for you. Just be patient! IV. New systems New system: “Escapades” ◆ The “Escapades” system is introduced in version 1.4: Reach Lv. Adventure required and complete the required quests to obtain Keys to the Legends and go on a short vacation with Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun and Bennett. (Each short vacation costs 2 Legend Keys.) Reach Lv. Adventure 26 to unlock short breaks. You can get a Key to Legends every time you complete 8 daily missions. New Stories New Archon Quests Ganyu and Lan have told you that Moon City and Liyue treasure fighters plan to team up to plunder ruins related to the Order of the Abyss. Concerned about the chaos these looters could cause, take the mission and investigate … ◆ Archon’s Quest Chapter 1 – Act 4 “We will be reunited” will be available soon, just be patient! New World Quests ◆ 8 New World Quests for the Festival of the Trade Winds will be available during the festivities. ◆ Complete these quests for Mora, Character XP Materials, and other rewards! ※ The trade wind festival ends on 2021/04/05 03:59. After this date, you will no longer be able to complete the quests of the worlds related to the event. Other new functions ● Gameplay New elite monster: Apostle of the Abyss – Torrent (appears in the Archon Quest in version 1.4) New gadgets: Passat Diaper Festival souvenir balloon, Lyre of the Breeze and Endora. New recipes: ○ Crunchy with shrimp, mint jelly, cold mint salad, meat rolls with mint, chicken burger, chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes New themes: PB – Alizée and Rosalia – Eternal hard work New wonders added to “Wonders of the World”. The parametric transformer accepts ore as material Changshun (Liyue NPC) will offer the following items for sale: potato, sugar, cheese, lapish ore and electro-crystal. Bolai (Liyue NPC) will be offering the following items for sale: Apple, Twilight Apple, Fish and Star Conch ● System New Level Adjustment Function. of the world: after reaching Lv. from world 5 it will be possible to lower your Lv. the world around 1. Whether you want to lower your Lv. World or return to your Lv. From the original world, you have to wait 24 hours between each change. When adventure level 60 is reached, the adventure EXP received is now converted into moras (1 XP point = 10 moras). Adding a page with a summary of the news (events and content) in the mobile version of the game. ● Multiplayer You can watch animations of the inactivity of equipped characters by other members of your team in multiplayer mode. VII. Adjustments and improvements ● Depth of the system spiral The two blessings of the Abyssal Moon that follow after the first change in version 1.4 are as follows: ○ Phase 1: Windy Moon characters benefit from a ring of light that increases their ATK by up to 60 elevated %. Every time an enemy enters the ring, this effect is reduced by 25%. If there are 4 or more opponents in the ring, the ATK bonus granted becomes zero. ○ Phase 2: Celestial Moon The enemy’s DEF is reduced by 40% for 10 seconds after being hit by a diving attack. ※ The reset dates for Spiral Depths and Blessings of the Abyssal Moon remain unchanged on the 1st and 16th day of the month. The condensed resin stack limit, now set to 5, has been increased. The order of the loot display: The rarest loot is shown at the top. Improved Cooking Process: Ability to cook manually even when the automatic kitchen is unlocked Improved Spiral Depth Challenges: You can restart a challenge in progress, view elemental resonance effects on the Squad setup screen, and end a challenge before moving to the next floor switch. Automatic selection of the character previously used for cooking, synthesis and forging.Improved facial expression of Xiao during his elemental ability.Improved visual effects when the camera lands on friends or NPCs in multiplayer.Improved close-range cameras in some dungeons and quests.Improved compensation surface for original resins: you can see the number of the fragile resins in your inventory and easier to choose which resource to convert to original resin. When you download the game to a mobile phone for the first time, by default only audio sync files that match the language of your device will be downloaded. (For example, devices with English as the system language will download English audio sync by default.) When you update the game on mobile devices, the audio sync files will be downloaded for your device language and the language you selected in the game settings. (For example, if your device language is English but you selected Japanese sync in the game, the audio sync files for both languages ​​will be downloaded.) You can choose which audio sync you want in the game. ● Audio Changed Amber’s Chinese voice. Revised part of the audio dialogues in Chinese and Japanese for some characters. Revised part of the audio dialogues in English for some NPCs. Added Chinese audio dialog for some characters. Character. Added audio dialog during the Oceanid boss fight and sound effects for Hydro Mimicers. Improved the sound effects of the elemental abilities and the environment of some characters. Improved the sound effect of characters who go through idle after being attacked but miss the target.