Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis illustrates how it works

Game News Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Clarifies How It Works Announced at the same time as Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a free game expected for iOS and Android in 2022. The title was fascinating because it offered to relive the entire saga and warranted clarification. These are from Tetsuya Nomura, who spoke in Famitsu columns to dispel some of the gamblers’ doubts about the economic model. In particular, he explains that the various chapters of the game will be free to play, but that you can use the loot boxes to unlock weapons and outfits. That way, players have a little more freedom, even if the scenario takes over the reins at key moments. Additionally, in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, which covers the entire compilation, direct links are made between the various games, including Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. In addition to the main story, players can explore various dungeons by choosing the characters that make up their team. Because of this, some players may have noticed that Aerith was present during the battle against the Scorpio. We try to keep the original story of Final Fantasy VII in 10 chapters. For example, the characters leave Midgard in Chapter Three. I think that gives you a good idea of ​​what the other games will cover, says Tetsuya Nomura, who also talks about the new content in the game: yeah, of course we did some too. The first will be a new episode we’re working on that covers the story behind FFVII The First Solider, which was announced at the same time. The events of FFVII FS take place approximately 30 years prior to the main story of FFVII and go back to the founding of the SOLDIER. It goes without saying that you will see some of the legendary heroes in their youth as well as younger versions. future Shinra leaders and other characters who will appear in the remake sequels. I think this will add depth to some characters that we can’t fully show in the main series, and Tetsuya Nomura also reveals that Final Fantasy VII Remake: Ever Crisis will feature new arrangements of the various original tracks. Finally, he points out that the combat systems of the various original games will be unified without changing the style of the characters. By MalloDelic, journalist MP