Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Trailer introduces Legendary Pack 1 and the new update

The trailer for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 presents Legendary Pack 1 and its new update Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 receives a new content burst with on the one hand an update available today and on the other hand the DLC Legendary Pack 1, which will land tomorrow. Bandai Namco summarizes the new features in this trailer. Legendary Pack 1 brings together two new playable characters, Paikuhan and Toppo, who are the focus of two new EX missions. Four parallel quests, costumes by Bardock and Gine from the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly, six techniques, five Super Souls or fifteen additional loading illustrations are also part of the game. The update brings 70 new characters for the Coliseum of Heroes, three CC mascots, 60 illustrations, three raid quests, four costumes / accessories and five super souls. Legendary Pack 2 will arrive next fall. Until March 31, Bandai Namco is offering players in-game votes to choose which of the uncontrolled Goku Ultra Instinct, Dyspo, Bergamo, Vegeta (GT) and C-18 (DB Super) to include in the DLC. A vote is also planned for the next costumes (April 1st to 15th) and CC mascots (April 16th to 30th). Buy Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on PS4 From Clementoss, writing from jeuxvideo.com MPTwitter