Devotion: The Taiwanese horror game is finally on sale again

Devotional Game News: Taiwanese horror game is finally back on sale. Updated by MalloDelic, March 16, 2021 11:31:16 PM Red Candle Games informs us that some players are currently having issues validating their purchase, but this is not a geographic restriction. This is indeed a technical issue that the team is currently working on. Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games has set up its own online store, marking the return to sales of the horror game Devotion. The devotional was withdrawn from Steam shortly after its release in February 2019. The game drew the ire of Chinese players because there was a poster (opposite) that read “Xi Jinping, the Winnie the Silly Pooh”. The Chinese president is often compared to Winnie the Pooh in memes, which the government obviously does not like, which is why the character is downright censored in children’s literature in China. In December 2020, Red Candle Games announced that Devotion would land on GOG, but the CD Projekt platform ultimately decided not to host it, claiming they had “received a lot of messages from players”. Red Candle Games has therefore decided to sell Devotion directly on its own website ( in a DRM-free PC version at a price of $ 16.99 (or $ 20.68 with soundtrack). Note that it is playable in English, Chinese, and Japanese. We also find the studio’s first game, Detention, which was recently adapted for series on Netflix, as well as a package that combines the two. The studio will be back with a third game currently in development. To also read: By Clementoss, writing from MPTwitter

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