The HandyGames trailer will feature El Hijo: A Wild West Tale on March 25th

HandyGames trailer will draw El Hijo: A Wild West Story on March 25th. El Hijo: A Wild West Tale Invites You To Incarnate In A Universe That Is Directly Inspired By Spaghetti Western. El Hijo: A Wild West Tale has been available on PC since December 3rd and will be released on console shortly. The player embodies the young “El Hijo” and has to find his mother, who entrusted him to a monastery after the bandits attacked her farm. Young, small, the child has to traverse increasingly dangerous environments and gradually introduce new game mechanics. Far from the nervousness of Call Of Juarez, the game relies on the ease and playfulness of your character, i.e. infiltration. Shadows are at the centerpiece and allow you to hide from the eyes of your enemies. Already available on PC, El Hijo: A Wild West Tale will be available on March 25, 2021 on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter

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