Sony Japan Studio: Masami Yamamoto (No Heroes Allowed, Tokyo Jungle) leaves the studio

Sony Japan Studio Personality News: Masami Yamamoto (No Heroes Allowed, Tokyo Jungle) Leaves The Studio Latest in a long list of starters at Sony Japan Studio, Masami Yamamoto, known as the external production manager and executive producer on numerous projects such as the No Heroes Allowed- Series, Tokyo Jungle, Rain, Bloodborne or Soul Sacrifice, announced on Twitter that he had left the company. For several years now, Sony has been organizing a restructuring of its Japanese PlayStation studio by announcing that it wants to “further strengthen commercial operations”. The latter has so far mainly taken the form of a large number of deviations from the company’s historical producers. After the departure of Keiichiro Toyama (creator of Silent Hill, Forbidden Siren and Gravity Rush), he started Bokeh Game Studio, Teruyuki Toriyama (producer of the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls Remake, Bloodborne and the uprooted VR game) and, more recently, the From Masaaki Yamagiwa (producer of Tokyo Jungle as well as Bloodborne and Déraciné) it is therefore up to Masami Yamamoto to announce the end of his collaboration with Sony on February 28th after having worked there for 25 years. He began his career as a producer on the Tenchu ​​series, then Masami Yamamoto worked as an external production manager and executive producer on numerous projects for Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio. We can especially mention the series of games No Heroes Allowed, Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars on Vita and like many other cities before Bloodborne. We’ll also remember his role as president of the PlayStation CAMP program, which led to weird independent experiments like Rain and Tokyo Jungle on PS3. In the tweet announcing his departure, Masami Yamamoto quickly returned to his good times at Sony without mentioning the reasons for his departure: Including my last position at Sony Music Entertainment, I worked for the Sony Group for 25 years. As a game designer, my job at a first-party studio was full of happiness. And all thanks to your support. Ah, in the future I’ll be able to create games on any platform … what a strange feeling! – Masami Yamamoto J し 遅 れ て の ご 報告 で / / 2/28 を J ち ま し 、 YOU JAPAN Studio ち た も の ​​で し た.こ れ も 皆 さ ん 応 援 の お か げ す. Pic ん ご い 不 思議 な 感 pic! @ 本 @ @ (@camp_masami) March 15, 2021 Read about the restructuring of Sony Japan Studio: By TheXsable, writing by MP

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