Sonic The Movie 2: The film is officially in production

Cultural news Sonic The Film 2: The film officially goes into production The Sonic The Film 2, announced by Paramount Pictures in February and due for release in 2022, has just started production following a tweet from Jeff Fowler. After the presentation of the first trailer for Sonic The Film, the beginning of a sequel was far from certain. However, thanks to a very big job in reshaping Sonic, the title is a hit in theaters, generating more than $ 58 million at the box office on day one. Rather well received, the film will therefore be followed by a new feature film with the sober title Sonic 2 The Film. Today, Jeff Fowler, who is again directing, announced on Twitter that Lights, Camera, Hedgehog have started production. Production of Sonic The Movie 2 begins TODAY, and the film is slated to hit theaters for the time being in April 2022, subject to the cinemas reopening and with no impediments to production. Nothing is official yet, but we should find Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic, while Tika Sumpter could return too. It is also not known whether Jim Carrey was named Dr. Robotnik will return. By MalloDelic, journalist MP