Selection of Nintendo Switch controllers at the best price

With the booming success of the Nintendo Switch, there are now many official and third-party accessories on the market. Price and nostalgia remain the determining elements when choosing your controller. We’re taking stock of a selection of Nintendo Switch controllers. To this day, the Joy-Con are the most refreshing controllers in the industry. The Nintendo Switch controllers are nomadic or docked on the TV and adapt to all situations. Nintendo has thought of more traditional gamers with the Pro controller, more classic but of very good quality. Nintendo has also made variations in collectible versions like Monster Hunter or Zelda. The price for this accessory is over € 50. A price that will scare many gamers on a budget. We offer a selection of official Nintendo controllers, collectors, and alternatives here to enjoy your console without breaking the bank.

Nintendo Switch Collector Controller

Joy-Con Edition The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

On the occasion of the release of the remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the Nintendo Switch JoyCon controllers were specially dressed in the game’s colors. As we can imagine, many distributors do not have the product in stock! Good news, they can still be pre-ordered from Micromania. Pre-order the Joy-Con Edition The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD price of € 89.99 at Micromania

Promo Cultura: Controller Switch Pro Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Rise is coming soon and on this occasion Nintendo is marketing its consoles and controllers in the colors of the cult license. A special edition Nintendo Switch can therefore be pre-ordered. However, if you already have one, the Monster Hunter controller at Cultura costs € 69.99. Buy the Monster Hunter Special Edition Switch Pro Controller for € 69.99 instead of € 79.99. Do you need to change the colors or do you just get an extra pair of Joy-Con for your hybrid console? You might like the violet / orange duo. Nintendo promotions are rare, but it’s still possible to find accessories and other branded games at fairly affordable prices. Buy a pair of Joy-Con purple and neon orange for € 69.99 instead of € 89.99

The best alternatives

Nintendo Switch Controller PowerA Gamecube

For many nostalgics, the Gamecube controller is still a true gem of ergonomics today, demonstrating the manufacturer’s undeniable know-how in the range of high-quality controllers. With the introduction of the Wii, however, Nintendo moved away from the standards by providing new features such as motion detection or the dual screen. PowerA offers us a real homecoming here with this Gamecube controller that is identical to the original! It’s sold € 10 less on Amazon! Buy the Nintendo Switch Controller PowerA Gamecube for € 25.49 on Amazon

Nintendo Switch Controller Filaiire Pokémon

“One day I’ll be the best coach, I’ll fight without a break. I’ll do everything to be victorious and to win the challenges!” The music of the credits from Pokémon continues to spin in the minds of nostalgics as the saga has shaped generations for 25 years. These PowerA controllers are sure to appeal to fans! The fnac also offers the Bulbasaur and Charmander versions. Amazon also offers the Pikachu and Squirtle versions for the same price. Buy Bulbasaur PowerA Controller for 19.99 € instead of 24.99 € Buy PowerA Charmander Controller for 19.99 € instead of 24.99 € PowerA Pikachu Controller from AmazonPowerA Squirtle Controller available from Amazon

PowerA Super Mario Wireless Controller

PowerA is already the developer of many controllers under licenses in the colors of Nintendo games and offers one dedicated to Nintendo’s exclusive license, Super Mario! Buy the PowerA Super Mario Controller for € 49.99. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, the controller works wirelessly with batteries for up to 30 hours of gaming time and offers the luxury of offering two additional buttons compared to the Nintendo Pro controller. More colorful, it’s in black and red with the silhouette of our favorite plumber! It’s perfect as a second controller to play alone or with your friends in TV mode!

Amazon Promo: D-Pad G Super Mario & Pokémon

It has all of the expected features with a precise traditional cross, joystick, and screenshot button at a much cheaper price than the official Nintendo controllers. This controller is specially designed for the Nintendo console. It shows colors and designs that appeal to the most nostalgic of the 90s. The famous Nintendo licenses are represented there with Super Mario characters. There is only one controller available that will give your console a certain style. Buy D-Pad G Super Mario for € 21.99 instead of € 24.99 Buy D-Pad G Pokémon Pikachu Black / Gold for € 21.99 instead of € 24.99

Split Pad Pro Controller

This Hori product is sold under an official Nintendo license. Thanks to its large handles, bigger paws can benefit from Nintendo Switch titles that have become classics. But Hori didn’t stop there: the assignable rear triggers and the addition of turbo functionality are more important. If you want to turn your Nintendo Switch into an ergonomic controller and take it with you wherever you go, this is the buy of the moment. In addition, among the models on offer, you will find models with Pikachu & Eevee that give your Nintendo Switch a very Pokémon look. Buy the Volcanic Red Split Pad for Switch for € 54.58. Buy the Pokémon Pikachu and Eevee Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch for € 54.78. Buy the black and gold Pikachu Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch for € 54.53

Animal Crossing Kingear Controller

This controller is only intended for fans of the successful Animal Crossing license! The kitten-shaped design will not leave you indifferent. Kingear was inspired by Kitty, an important character in the game. Be sure to stand out on your evenings with friends. This controller can connect in wireless and wired mode. The synchronization takes place without latency and completely smoothly. The 400 mAh battery allows an autonomy between 6 and 9 hours for an estimated charge between 2 and 3 hours. Finally, it is equipped with heavy duty vibration motors to enhance your experience. Buy Nintendo Switch Kingear Controller for € 43.99. Also read: