Pegasus 2021: Follow the 2nd Video Game Awards Ceremony from 8:30 p.m.

News from the Pegasus 2021 event: Follow the 2nd Video Game Awards Ceremony from 8:30 p.m. Following a 2020 edition that recognized A Plague Tale: Innocence as the best game of the year, the Pegasus ceremony returns in 2021 to reward best video game productions. Highlights of the past year. Meet tonight at 8:30 p.m. to discover the winners live and not miss any of these extraordinary events! Accompanied by renowned guests and speakers, including Jamy, PV Nova, Mark Daumail from the Cocoon Group, Monsieur Poulpe and Samuel Etienne, 16 games for a total of 48 nominations will be rewarded at this second ceremony. Among the Queen categories, the awards for Best Video Game, Best Independent Video Game, and Best Mobile Video Game. When the French scene is obviously in the spotlight, the Pégases also want to celebrate the best international productions with three special categories.

French awards

Best video game

Best indie video game

Best mobile video game

SpongeBob: Patty PursuitPango BakeryOrdesa

Best first video game

Best student video game

Soul WeaverAefen FallSymphonia

Beyond video games

Visual excellence

Best universe of sound

Narrative excellence

Best game design

Best video game universe

Best character

Best operational service (“Game as a Service”)

International awards

Best foreign video game

Best Foreign Independent Video Game

Best foreign mobile video game

The Pegasus 2021 ceremony is also full of surprises. In addition to the VIP guests, whose names will be kept secret for the time being, exclusive trailers will be shown throughout the evening. The opportunity to discover the future creations of large studios and French publishers! To participate in this great video game event, meet up tonight at 8:30 p.m. on ES1, YouTube, LeStream,, MGG and Steam. Pegasus 2021 – Presentation of the ceremony