Making-of Civilization VI: The Portugal package presented and dated by Firaxis

Making-of Civilization VI: The Portugal Package Presented and Dated by Firaxis Firaxis today unveiled a new presentation video dedicated to the Portugal Package of the Civilization VI New Frontier Pass. On this occasion, the developers announce that the Portugal package will be available from Thursday, March 25th. Civilization VI players can also purchase it separately for $ 4.99. In terms of content, the Portugal package contains a new ruler, a new civilization, the optional Zombie Defense game mode, the Tower of Belém and Eternanki in new wonders and a swamp map. In zombie mode, randomly killed units in combat are returned to spread the infection. However, players will have a few tools at their disposal to fight, including a project to control a horde and an espionage operation that offers the possibility of spawning zombies among the opponents. By MalloDelic, journalist MP