Logitech G offers League of Legends license collection

With the K / DA X Logitech G Collection, you can enjoy a range of game accessories that contain the image of the virtual group made up of characters from the League of Legends game. Products already offered for sale. With the K / DA X Logitech G collection, the brand of gaming products is starting the redesign of two already well-known products in the colors of LoL, namely the Logitech G502 HERO mouse with 25K sensor and 11 programmable buttons, as well as the mechanical keyboard Logitech G PRO with Clicky switches and the compact design without a numeric keypad. Four new devices are added to this proposal, namely a wireless headset G733 K / DA and a headphone G333 K / DA. a G305 K / DA mouse and a G840 K / DA mouse pad, all in the colors of the virtual music group consisting of Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’sa. “The collection harmoniously combines the high-performance technology of Logitech G with the unique design that was inspired by the K-Pop group,” describes the brand, which has taken care not to reveal the prices of these different products before their release. However, we know that Logitech G is far from being the highest priced brand on the market so we can expect affordable pricing. This collection is scheduled to be released today, initially directly on the Logitech G website. Go to it for more information and possibly to order the items that interest you. From akazan, writing from jeuxvideo.com MP