Fortnite, Season 6: Crafting Changes, our guide

News Tip Fortnite Season 6: The Crafting Changes, Our Guide Before the beginning of this sixth season of Fortnite, the crafting system had already seen some changes from the workshop to the NPCs. But now there is a much faster way, and we will explain how in this article.

Craftsman directly from inventory

Now when you open your inventory in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, you will find that you have a new tab that allows you to create weapon upgrades right from the menu without looking for an NPC or workbench. For this you need to accumulate resources. Animal bones that you collect by killing animals on the map. Mechanical parts that you can find by destroying cars and eventually opening bags that can be salvaged by frogs. Once you’ve had enough, all that’s left to do is validate your weapon upgrade!

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