Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Ties – the mobile game arrives in the west

Game News Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bindings – the mobile game returns to the West In the limelight with its new anime adaptation, the license Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibōken – known in our countries as “The Search for Dai”. or simply “flying” – lands with the game Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Ties on your mobile phone. Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds was announced in May 2020 and announces its news with this new trailer that announces that it will have a western release on iOS and Android in 2021. A closed beta is scheduled for April 7-15. You can register on the Play Store until April 4th to hope to participate. This free game developed by DeNa (Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Mario Kart Tour …) presented as an “Action RPG Team” allows you to work your team with the emblematic characters (Daï, Avan) train, Popp, Hadlar, Flazzard …) to participate in “dynamic battles on three lines”. It will be necessary to improve their equipment and skills, but also to use a system of connections between characters. On the scenario page, the game offers the opportunity to follow the story of the original work as well as an unpublished story supervised by Riku Sanjô, screenwriter of the manga La Quest de Daï. Everything is translated into French. Keep in mind that Daï will also land on consoles with Infinity Strash – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, announced for Japan in 2021. If you want to discover the anime, you can find it on Crunchyroll and DNA. Also Read: Dragon Quest: The Search For Dai: The Best Adaptation Of The RPG Finds A New Breath In The Animation By Clementoss, writing jeuxvideo.com MPTwitter