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The Monster Energy Supercross 4 version PS4 and ONE is in the same boat as the next generation? The hypothesis is unlikely, but there is hope with Milestone, a studio that makes (a little) strides on its licenses every year. Answer that expectation for players in this category in our next generation review insert. Monster Energy Supercross 4 Trailer Recommended configurations

Our next generation review from March 16, 2021

The muddy patch of a pretty clean studio. Monster Energy Supercross 3 didn’t impress us, far from in terms of its content and rendering, with some regression in career mode. An anomaly for Milestone, who is more used to sticking to his licenses. 2021, a crucial year for the official saga of the American Supercross Championship, i.e. the transition to the next generation, successfully on the last MXGP.

The tree that hides the shift

A skill tree pops up in the career mode of the first construction site, and the analogy is so strong that we’d be happy to find the rough terrain and enthusiastic crowds that make career mode. Monster Energy Supercross 2 had an interesting feature, even if legion for most racing games, being able to manage your schedule between training and marketing. The third part had dramatically destroyed everything by resetting the simple principle of the sequence of competitions for the career, an incomprehensible regression. The face was washed for the new episode, which takes over the official licenses with around thirty racetracks and the official drivers (this time with their photos) and finally offers the mode with some nice functions. A skill tree will now appear and the points for progress can easily be earned through competitiveness, training between races or additional events. We are now facing a real career mode in shape, even if it can go further in the future. Scrubs, jumps and whips are more intuitive and bring as much speed as they did last season and now have another interest: improving the rewind indicator. The rewinding, useful when you are a casual gamer or want to approach / learn laps better, is no longer infinite and is broken down into three gauges for three purposes. Interesting, although it will be problematic for most beginners (who are generally the ones who use this meter). The difficulty is actually increased in this work, with impressive AI even in very simple ones. A complicated calibration and therefore even more demanding with a return that is not unlimited. Paradoxical and harmful.

Repimp My Ride

Scrubs and whips are finally getting interested. New to the content is good, but when it comes to gameplay improvements, it’s better. An aspect that is all the more important in this famous year of transition to PS5 and Xbox Series X. From a graphical point of view, MES 4 accelerates in the right direction. The grind offers 60 FPS as well as sharp images that perfectly match the feeling of speed. The aliasing is less pronounced than usual and the animations before the race are much more numerous to make the rendering less boring after all! Let’s not forget that for most of its games, Milestone offers a wide range of bike customizations (fairing, suspensions, etc.), a feature that is always there to gain precision. After all, based on the last MXGP or Ride 4 of the next generation, very good work was carried out on the DualSense controllers. Rolling for the engine, haptic feedback on bumps and jumps, everything is there to immerse yourself a little and make the transition a success from a technical point of view. And the old generation versions in all of this – a small step that was taken in the next generation, handling the old-gen and PC versions. Of course, no surprise or disappointment when working on the controllers (not the same vibrations as the X and PS5 series), but a blatant lack of effort for PS4 and ONE players. When you switch from the updated version to the other, the contrast is noticeable. The colors are fluid, while the cliping and aliasing can be clearly felt. We would have appreciated the work in this area given the difficulties of MES 3. However, the title is not a copy and paste of the previous opus about the old generation, since we will find the novelties of the career mode mentioned above, the new one. Return management (hence the increased level of difficulty) and a certain stability of the online mode.

Still too fair?

The Milestone Circuit Editor is still there. The fourth part therefore advances in comparison to the context of the new generation via the technical aspect, but only on PS5 and Series X. It makes progress in terms of content with the career mode and its skill tree, but this one is because of its Difficulty frustrating. The track creator is always present, just like the complex, and for online we appreciate the stability of the servers and the number of options available to the race director or creator of public-private spaces (showdown, short or triple crown races) Tobe offered. On the other hand, we regret the disappearance of the online complex. In short, aside from the improved scrubs, all points point to a mistake and this is ultimately what caused the bad press for MES 4. Something to think about for next season across the Alps. Official licenses (tracks and pilots) Always so lively and with a view of the track editor and the free complex Finally interesting scrubs and whips …… combined with the new clever rewind system … – Negative points … but not configurable very difficult badly calibrated with some circuits collisions not yet inspired split-screen multi missing graphically limited with a lot of aliasing …… because not the slightest technical effort compared to the next generation when Monster Energy Supercross 4 of the new generation around is a point ahead From a technical point of view, we regret the little care that is being given to the inclination of the old generation. The cliping and heavy aliasing on Xbox ONE and PS4 makes it difficult to improve the license on our media with this new iteration. Purists can easily comfort themselves with the few new additions to the Career mode and the improved scrubs on both versions, but will face other similar shortcomings. Pity ! Redaction March 15, 2021 at 9:21:46 AM Reader reviews (1) Read reader reviews Share your opinion on this game!