Marvel’s Avengers: According to developers, MCU skins would be “very possible”

Game News Marvel’s Avengers: MCU Skins Would Be “Very Possible” According To Developers While the next-gen patch of the game will be available in a few days, the developers at Crystal Dynamics have left the planner in doubt about the arrival of skins that make them up The MCU were drawn into Marvel’s Avengers thanks to vague and open interpretive responses given during a question-and-answer session on Twitch. Last Friday, Crystal Dynamics streamed on Twitch to showcase the gameplay of Hawkeye, the next character to be added to the game. At the end of this demonstration hour, the developers wrote answers to many of the questions from the game. Cat, including two, are sure to mesmerize fans of the MCU, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Discovered and captured on the MP1ST website, two viewers asked questions about the arrival of these famous costumes in Marvel’s Avengers, to which the developers reacted vaguely without finally burying those assumptions: – There is a possibility that one day costumes will be made by the MCU Series or movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are going to be something I would be sure to buy or some other type of MCU credentials? – a viewer – (it is) quite possible – a developer of Crystal Dynamics – I know you certainly can’t answer that question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Is there any possibility that MCU skins are coming soon? – A spectator – There is nothing to report at the moment, but stay tuned! – Crystal Dynamics Twitch Account If this were to happen, given the current popularity of the MCU, despite the worldwide closure of theaters, many players could end up wanting to start or restart the game. We think in particular of the recent success of Wandavision, the first series of the MCU show on Disney + that ended more than a week ago and which was seen more than the largest Netflix box in the US. In the meantime, remember that the next generation patch for PS5 and Xbox Series of Marvels Avengers is expected this Thursday, March 18, and that it will be possible to use a new narrative arc called Future Imperfect with the character Playing Hawkeye.

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