Good deal Cobra Kai: a free mug for every two items of clothing bought

The Cobra Kai series is currently airing on Netflix. It is the sequel to the film Karate Kid from 1984. Its success is so great that today Zavvi has a special offer for the start of the series’ goodies collection.

Zavvi a good deal: Kai bought a free cup of clothing for two Cobra

The film Karate Kid, released in the 1980s, was so exciting that the film saw a sequel, and its lines were repeated in a variety of works. By making the viewer swing with tsuki, yoko-geri and other movements that are very much appreciated by karatekas, the whole thing is deepened by the relationship that exists between the student and the student. In the Cobra Kai series, we include the main characters who meet again 34 years after the events of the first film. Johnny decides in full swing to reopen his dojo, Cobra Kai, which revives his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso, his opponent. On the occasion of the launch of the collection in the colors of the series, Zavvi is offering a mug for the purchase of two pieces of clothing from the Cobra Kai series. Take advantage of the special offer for the Cobra Kai collection at Zavvi. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner MP